Go green to reduce your carbon emissions.

Our committment to Green IT

Climate change is high on the global agenda and KDM Force is strongly committed to reduce the environmental impact of its operations promoting efficiency and optimal use of resources, and improving business performance while reducing environmental effects in consequence of less paper and power usage, as well as reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

Our value proposition delivers the promess to our customers to meet their sustainability goals through:

Reduced use of paper and ground and air delivery of documents

KDM Force electronic document services provide a more effective document lifecycle management scanning paper documents into digital images and all relvant metadata is captured and index in an organized centralized repository. KDM Force also provides such information architecture that turn document-related process virtually paperless. Our technology, by automating paper-based processes like workflow and information routing allow dispatching of information via the most efficient and cheapest way: a secure access to the internet.

Cut down of business trips through online collaboration

Transportation itself accounts for 33 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. On line collaboration provided by KDM Force content and process management platform allows employees scattered in different offices to share and collaborate on the editing, review, approval and retrieval of business-related documents in digital format without having to leave their desk and effectively reduce traffic congestion, emissions, and infrastructure impact in urban areas, thereby improving the environment.

SaaS delivery model to reduce the carbon footprint from power usage

KDM Force provides it's content and process management platform with a multi-tenant SaaS model centralizing service center operations and using less equipment and energy. Instead of thousands of individual customers operating their own servers, our multi-tenant, SaaS service center combines the operations of many companies, drives efficiencies and directly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. SaaS data centers are built to maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste and power consumption is reduced through equipment density and cooling efficiency.

Telework jobs

KDM Force by making information available via a secure Web-based interface facilitaes work arrangements where employees can regularly performs officially assigned duties at home or other worksites geographically convenient to the residence of the employee. Telework can also effectively provide savings connected to real estate costs.

Office premises space conservation

KDM Force provides cost-effective and efficient records management services that provide measurable benefits in many areas, including cost reduction, space conservation, reduce information handling costs, of vital records needed in case of disaster. Our systematic policy-based destruction of records which become obsolete after their retention requirements are met (about 95% of total volume) and the preservation of historical records (about 5%) in our off-site storage for physical records.

KDM Force provides document-centric outsourcing services and helps organizations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information buried in corporate documents to support strategic, operational and compliance decision-making.