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KDM Force Ltd (whre KDM is the acronym for Knowledge and Document Management), is specialized in Document Management Outsourcing (DMO), running entire document-centric business processes as an external provider on behalf our customers who can

  • by-pass the burden of setting up their own technology layer
  • minimize capital expenditures in non-core areas
  • reduce paper-use and significantly cuts CO2 emissions
  • access our skilled resources keeping management and operatives focused on the core business areas

KDM Force owns a technology named "KDM Force Content Process Management Platform" delivering enterprise-class content management solutions that provide organisations with the ability to deploy scalable content-centric business applications such as employee intranets, partner and client extranets, public Web sites, ISO and compliance processes and to support Enterprise Content Management (ECM) needs.

KDM Force Content Process Management Platform includes a set of products combining together out-of-the-box features, enabling fast implementations and generating quick, broad user adoption, together with highly customizable functionalities for:

  • Document Management (DM)
  • Workflow/Business Process Management (WF)
  • Collaboration
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Web Content Management (WCM)


Providing best-of-breed document management solutions that reduce IT complexity, leverage corporate knowledge and speed the delivery of new business opportunities based on a more effective management of business document and digital assets.


Our services combine business intelligence, data management & architecture and outsourcing to create tailored solutions that best meet organizations' document management needs from warehouse storage to the most advanced scanning systems, we tailored solutions for all types of document and every type of enterprise, whether your priority is speed of document collection and delivery, reliability, confidentiality or instant online access.

  • PAPER CENTRIC SERVICES: include services such as documents inventory (documents are bar coded labeled, organized and taped for scanning); forms and document types definition to speed imaging, capturing, data entry and indexing process.
  • IMAGING AND DATA CAPTURE: including "Preparation and documents standardization"; "Imaging and capturingv (Physical documents are turned into digital images and relevant attributes are captured using OCR and intelligent extraction technologies and turned into metadata; "Validation" (manual quality control check including manual input of metadata in to the electronic forms/online document templates).
  • CONTENT PROCESS MANAGEMENT PLATFORM AS A SERVICE: a scalable, standards-based platforms designed to deliver its users a comprehensive set of capabilities to create, store, secure and share unstructured business content across the enterprise.
  • HELP DESK - CONTACT SERVICES: providing the client with the resources needed to provide quality cost-effective support. We offer a newer Internet eServices (Support portal), as well as a complete line of traditional call center services based on Toll-free telephone, e-Mail, FAX , Vertical or Custom application support.
  • DOCUMENT LOGISTICS: providing the collection of documents from the client's premises and the on-demand retrieval from KDM Force's physical records warehouse and the delivery back to the customers' premises
  • STORAGE OF PHYSICAL RECORDS: providing long-term preservation and records management in storage centers from a secured facility

KDM Force markets and delivers its services through strong partnerships with leading system integrators and management consulting firms, as well as its own direct sales team.


The management of information-related processes has become more and more critical for our Customers who operate in highly regulated industries.

We have then addressed business-spcecific expertise to help companies operating in the following industries:

  • Private sector
    • Financiale services
    • Telco
    • Healthcare
    • Utilities
  • Public sector (Local and Gentral Government)

Administrative informations

KDM Force is a privately held company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

  • Company name: KDM Force Ltd
  • Registered Offices: 35 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London, N3 1XW, UK
  • Company no. 6875003