KDM (force) =
Knowledge from Document Management

Providing best-of-breed document-centric solutions that
reduce IT complexity, leverage corporate knowledge and
speed the delivery of new business opportunities


KDM Force Ltd (where KDM is the acronym for Knowledge from Document Management), for more than 4 years, has provided exceptional business analytics through document analysis, data-extraction and information interpretation in Europe in the business practices of major corporations, in many major countries.
Our services are designed to help share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information buried in corporate documents and cover advanced information search, analytics and interpretation , facilitating customers to make timely and informed decisions.
We are specialised in "Document-centric knowledge process outsourcing", a best-practice for business analytics to support strategic, operational and compliance decision-making within organisations.

We have a proven track-record in delivering exceptional tailored solutions that combine business intelligence, data management and instant on-line access to meet organizations' document-centric needs.
KDM Force's offering includes "Document Process Outsourcing" services aimed at all types of document and every type of enterprise, addressing speed in data collection, reliability of process output.
KDM Force markets and delivers its services through strong partnerships with leading system integrators and management consulting firms, as well as its own direct sales team. We have addressed business-specific expertise and helped manage information-related processes to help companies operating in highly regulated industries such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Financial services and Media.


We currently work in several countries in Europe. If you would like information about the programmes we run in any particular country, or if you are interested in working in partnership with us, please email us.

  • northern europe headquarters

    35 Ballards Lane, Finchley

    London, N3 1XW (UK)

    Fax: +44 (0) 207 9909690

    info @ kdmforce.com
  • southern europe headquarters

    Lungotevere de' Cenci 10

    Rome, 00186 (Italy)

    +39 06 4549 7488

    info @ kdmforce.com


We are always looking out for the most creative, forward-thinking and innovative people in the business world to make them part of our team and work in a dynamic and professional environment that values each person's perspective.

We are interested in team players with exceptional track records, who thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, and are eager to pitch in across the board in a competitive environment. Current open positions are in Marketing, Engineering, and Professional Services.

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KDM Force provides document-centric outsourcing services and helps organizations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information buried in corporate documents to support strategic, operational and compliance decision-making.