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Web document management

KDM Force provides a wide range of document scanning and imaging services for all types, sizes and volumes of document scanning and document conversion services according to our customer's requirements.

Imaging and data capture services include "Preparation and documents standardization"; "Imaging and capturing" (Physical documents are turned into digital images and relevant attributes are captured using OCR and intelligent extraction technologies and turned into metadata; "Validation" (manual quality control check including manual input of metadata in to the electronic forms/online document templates).

Document images and all relevant meta-data, inorder to facilitate security, searches and team collaboration on documents, need to be stored in a centralized system rather than on single workstations or shared file systems.

Our electronic document management services, provide the centralized storage, the security settings to share and retrieve the documents from the digital archive as well as letting users work whilst preventing other people from making changes, we also provide workflow configuration in order to automate the document routing and provide to users email notification on document status changes. Our services also include CD/DVD production for long term digital preservation.

We have experience working with all types of businesses, from central and local government and public sector to private organisations and large power houses. Handling these many different types of documents has enabled us to understand each customers scanning requirements and what would be the most suitable and cost effective solution to meet their needs.