A one-stop-shop approach to document management outsourcing.

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Services Overview

Our integrated approach combines business intelligence, data management & architecture and outsourcing to create tailored solutions that best meet organizations' document management needs from warehouse storage to the most advanced scanning systems, we tailored solutions for all types of document and every type of enterprise, whether your priority is speed of document collection and delivery, reliability, confidentiality or instant online access.

Document Process Outsourcing

  • Customer facing document processes
  • Regulatory compliance document processes
  • Data entry of meta-data, validation and indexing
  • Financial accounting and invoicing
  • Custom document-intensive business process
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Electronic docs management

  • Document and data Capture
  • Centralized document archiving and collaboration
  • Automated document distribution and workflow
  • CD/DVD production for digital backup
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Physical records management

  • Document inventory
  • Long term storage of physical records
  • Destruction of physical records
  • On-demand retrieval of physical records
  • Paper recycling
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Document logistics

  • Document pick up from customers' premises
  • Document retrieval to customers' premises
  • Pack, inventory and ship for delivery
  • Track document boxes in real time
  • Coordinate split deliveries
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Consulting services

  • Improving existing information management
  • Adapt DMO process to business requirements
  • Document management SW custom design
  • Project Mgmt
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Application management

  • Meet service level agreements (SLA)
  • Improve performance and reduce downtime
  • Monitor and manage underlying infrastructure
  • Technical support and software maintenance
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