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Solutions Overview

KDM Force solutions can help companies save money related to how they manage and store documents, but that may not be the greatest benefit. Our on-demand clients report that their ability to easily locate content and swiftly respond to customer opportunities has helped them win new business and stay ahead of their competition. In addition, businesses without dedicated IT staff to back up and protect their file servers report that using KDM SaaS has helped them improve organization wide storage practices and even help advance their disaster recovery plans.

KDM Force's Document Management Outsourcing (DMO) solutions provide post-gap analisys package can effectively reduce costs, manage an enormous range of random, complex documents, accurately assess the impact of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and plan its eventual reduction, speed up Return on Investment (ROI), maximise corporate knowledge and much more.

The result is that today they have a highly specialised bank of know-how to draw upon and are successful leaders in their chosen industry.

KDM Force provides the ideal support for businesses seeking tactical solutions. KDM Force actively increases productivity from both the management and business process standpoints.

  • Solutions by industry need
    • Financial Services
    • Telecommunications
    • Public sector
    • Utilities
    • Healthcare
    • Engineering
  • Solutions by business process
    • Collaboration and Project Management sites
    • Compliance Driven Documentation Management for Quality Assurance
    • Contact centre/Call centre/Customer support sites
    • Contract and case management Portal
    • Corporate Web site
    • Departimental Documentation Management (Legal, Tax and Audit and Financial)
    • Community Portals (Dev2Dev/Arch2Arch)
    • eAcademy (Partner/Reseller certification)
    • Employee Portal
    • Executive Budgeting delivery
    • Learning centres (video training, remote self-teach)
    • Marketing asset and brand management knowledge base
    • Multi-channel Content Delivery Service Application
    • Partner/Dealer Extranets
    • Records Management Storage systems
    • RSS feed delivery application
    • Self-Help (policies and procedures) sites

Learn more about our industry vertical solutions by visiting the industry solutions page or about our business process solutions at the business solutions page.