Help center portal

The Help Center is an interactive web portal used by our customers to:

To access the contents on this web portal, users are required to login using the "Account ID" and the "Account password" available on request sending enquiries to the company Account Manager.

The Company retains the right to periodically change the information contained in the site without any obligation to provide information regarding any changes, updates, improvements or additions to the document in time. Users are invited to check periodically for any updates.

The User's Guide is designed to be a reference manual, although instructional information has been included on some of the more advanced features of the the docforce web document management system. The purpose of the User's Guide is also designed to fully describe the docforce web document management system.

The FAQ section is designed to help you with any issues that users ou may have with our products. It is the fastest and easiest way to get help on the most common topics. Refer to the FAQ section for answers to common installation, troubleshooting, and other questions. We recommend that users check the FAQ section prior to contacting KDM Force support team, as users will often find that their question may have already been addressed. If users don't find a solution to your issue in the FAQ section, contact KDM Force support team by filling an online support request.

The Feature Request and Bug Report Submission section is to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features. User can also find in this section how to report suspected bugs in KDM Force Limited products.

Users are invited to contact the KDM Force engineering team with comments and questions, or to report anything unusual. Contact us at

KDM Force provides document-centric outsourcing services and helps organizations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information buried in corporate documents to support strategic, operational and compliance decision-making.