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Technology Overview

We design and develop an enterprise-class technnology, built on Open Source standards, that combines Content Management and Business Process Management (BPM), providing the foundations for our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software: the start-point to deploy scalable content-centric business applications such as Collaboration and Project Management Portals, Compliant Documentation Management or Multi-channel Content Delivery applications.

Our standard delivery model is based on an On-demand service that works well for organizations that have multiple locations or that choose to exchange information with business partners. These types of users will choose our On-demand model to accommodate varying degrees of IT infrastructure and support, while allowing for the greatest number of users.


Our Technology is based on open industry standards such as Java EE (formerly referred to as J2EE) and XML, and fully SOA compliant and is delivered as a unified environment for storing, accessing, organizing, controlling, retrieving, and delivering any type of unstructured information. Our Technology provides a broad set of essential capabilities as well as the technical framework for extending these capabilities with third-party applications or for internal customizations.

Java/XML technology foundations for ECM

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Our technology's building blocks are designed to help IT operations providing the ability to perform application changes from development to production and to effectively manage the end-to-end ECM integrations.

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We deliver a set of ready-made software applications that cover document and data capture, content editing and versioning, secure access of records content delivery and publishing as well as long-term archival and secure disposal, aimed at supporting the organizations in the way they manage the information lifecycle of business documents (document management) facilitating the collaboration on corporate knowledge (knowledge management).

Ready-made software applications

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