Technology Services

We make relevant information easily searchable, retrievable and accessible.
Our context-driven search processes deliver on-point information and accurate answers.

Portals, dashboards and scorecards for data collection

Our electronic document management services, provide the centralized storage, the security settings to share and retrieve the documents from the digital archive as well as letting users work whilst preventing other people from making changes, we also provide workflow configuration in order to automate the document routing and provide to users email notification on document status changes. Our services also include CD/DVD production for long term digital preservation.

Our technology covers: Business Intelligence, BI software, Business Intelligence reporting software, Analytical Dashboard, Knowledge Management Solutions, Knowledge Management Systems

We have experience working with all types of businesses, from central and local government and public sector to private organisations and large power houses. Handling these many different types of documents has enabled us to understand each customers scanning requirements and what would be the most suitable and cost effective solution to meet their needs.

Integration and Architecture Assessment

Almost every ECM related project requires the integration of new software with existent systems. KDM Force helps organizations to lower the costs related to such integration through by defining an appropriate roadmap to support the delivery of a content-centric solution. After checking of current and future application plans, KDM Force's consultants get down an analysis of solution architecture and application requirements, mapped directly to business objectives of company. The purpose of an enterprise architecture assessment is to undestand how well the current architecture is aligned with the organizations needs and goals.

Data Analysis & Conversion

KDM Force records management and software engineers are available to assist you in evaluating your data conversion requirements and processes. Services include complete data migration from legacy systems into KDM Force systems as well as guided assistance and use of included data migration tools. Data conversions can also be performed for test or pilot systems allowing client verification of accurate migration.

Data services are available for virtually all types of client legacy source systems including advanced relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, as well as for data stored in simpler repositories such as FoxPro, Microsoft Access or Excel. In addition, data services can include directory polling, scheduled imports as well as near real-time data integration between on-going legacy host systems and KDM Force databases.

Custom Software Engineering

KDM Force offers software program customization services. Based on our years of experience and customer feedback we have developed a standardized document management product to meet the needs of the majority of users. However, we recognize that each installation is unique and may have need for special terminology or features. Our experienced programmers are available to make program modifications either at the time of purchase or in the future. Additionally, KDM Force offers onsite technical services to install the KDM Force application in the client environment, including installations on database servers and user desktops, as well as installation of any converted data, user creation and security settings.

Application Delivery

Outsourcing is an increasingly important option for companies to reduce the costs of application management.

We specialize in the evolution, operation, and maintenance of the applications that stores and manages your mission-critical documents. Our comprehensive approach delivers significant improvements in operational excellence, risk mitigation, and tangible performance enhancements (plus the enhanced transparency and responsiveness to give you the confidence and flexibility to free budgets) redirect high performing staff, and pursue strategic initiatives.

Our dedicated team staffed by some of the most experienced transition experts, guarantees a seamless startup and non-disruptive transition. Our methodologies and processes are mature and tested, speeding time to results and cost savings, while lessening the risks associated with outsourcing.

Our Application Delivery services include:

KDM Force provides document-centric outsourcing services and helps organizations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information buried in corporate documents to support strategic, operational and compliance decision-making.