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We deliver a set of ready-made software applications that cover document and data capture, content editing and versioning, secure access of records content delivery and publishing as well as long-term archival and secure disposal, aimed at supporting the organizations in the way they manage the information lifecycle of business documents (document management) facilitating the collaboration on corporate knowledge (knowledge management).

Our Software uses SOA to make unstructured data accessible in real time from any language or platform via standard interfaces (using SOAP, HTTP, and XML), to allow secure Library Service functionalities, such as search, retrieval, check-in/check-out, and version management, to extend via BPM (Business Process Management) the management of content lifecycle towards external storage service components as well as towards content delivery services such as web sites and portal applications.

Software for Enterprise Content Management

Ready-made software applications

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Document & Data Capture

Document & Data Capture is a software delivering Intelligent Document Recognition features based on scanning, optical recognition (OCR/ICR/OMR/BCR), data capture and form processing. It supports all kind of document sizes, is compliant with all major imaging hardware devices.

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Web Document Management

Web Document Management is an On-demand software that empowers distributed organizations to safely access, manage, share and dispose content over the web.
The integrated workflow engine provides efficiency and enhances quality assurance and compliance.

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Enterprise Web publishing

Enterprise Web Publishing is an On-demand Web Content Management (WCM) software that streamlines the delivery of content and virtually any document format to web sites facilitating information sharing among employees as well as customers and business partners.

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